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With the rise of internet power, the importance of the ‘Vectoralist’ class (Information owns and controls the capital) and the focus on a malleable digital self. It seems hard to put faith or trust into any information you hear, see or read online. As we know, there has never been any truth. All there has been conformity; different people adhere to different facts. Truth is relative. And the influence of contemporary capitalism playing its part with information, it is hard to know what is real and what is not. Language seems to be the tool that is universally used. As harbingers of violence and ‘truth’, language has evolved into a keyboard, a digital tool that replicates the world we live in. Being used as gateways of information online through symbols and signs, it has transformed from a linguistic point of view, to a visual lens. The world wide web created a new chapter, a way to break away from life,  it gave the impression of virtual communism, because it’s relatively free. The internet was there to break selectivity, the lack of power as influence was wonderful. Now, every user has become a follower and now stuck in a tautological roundabout re-affirming their ideas and believes.

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